Identify Acer Model Number

How to Find out the Model of an Acer?

Acer computers have labels that are usually found on the back of the computer. Acer uses three types of model number nomenclature and we attempt to list every type of model number on our website. Please do not confuse a model number with a serial number.

There're 3ways to find acer model number

  1. Locate the Acer sticker

    Locate the Acer sticker on the side or bottom of the Acer Aspire unit. The sticker is usually white with black text or black with white text. For Example the pictures as below: 
  2. Reboot or turn on the Acer Aspire computer

    Reboot or turn on the Acer Aspire computer if you can't find the model on the sticker and press "F2" or "Delete" repeatedly to enter BIOS.

  3. Locate the model

    Locate the model in the "Product Name" section of the Information tab. The model is listed in this section on all Acer Aspire computers. Press "Escape" to exit the BIOS.