Identify HP Laptop Name and Number

If you don’t know which model of HP laptop you own, here are some solutions on how to check it. 

There're 3 Methods to find your HP Laptop name and model number:

  1. Use the BIOS
    Find the product information, including product number and serial number, on the System Information screen in the BIOS.
    Step 1:Turn off the computer.
    Step 2:Press the Power button, and then immediately press the Esc key repeatedly until a startup menu displays.
    Step 3:Press the F1 key or select System Information from the Startup Menu. The product information displays.

  2. Look on the product
    Find the product name, product number, and serial number on the computer or on the box it shipped in. Common locations are as follows:
  3. Open HP System Information

    Find the product information with the HP System Information tool.
    Using the notebook keyboard, press the Fn and Esc keys to open the HP System Information window. In Windows 10, you might need to download HP System Information from the Windows store.

  4. Install Chromebook Recovery Utility (HP Chromebook, Chromebox)

    Use the Chromebook Recovery Utility to find your Chromebook or Chromebox information.
    Step 1 : Download and install the free version of the Chromebook Recovery Utility from the Chrome Web Store.
    Step 2: Click the Launcher icon , click All Apps, and then click Recovery.